CD - "I'm Huge" by Steve Smith & The Nakeds
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 Steve Smith and The Nakeds CD - "I'm Huge (and the babes go WILD)" as featured on the Family Guy Sixth Season DVD.
Thanks to Steve Smith's brother Danny for making this CD possible. This video went viral on Youtube and the Nakeds landed a record distribution deal with RED Music, a Sony Music Entertainment Company. 


1.   I'm Huge (and the babes go WILD)
2.   Don't Walk Away
3.   Blue Eyes Don't
4.   All American Girls
5.   Miss Your Girl
6.   Didn't Know (What I Had)
7.   Girl It's You
8.   Always Hungry
9.   Sweet Cadillac
10. She's A Crook 

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CD - "I'm Huge" by Steve Smith & The Nakeds

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