Steve Smith and The Nakeds "Never Say Never" CD
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Steve Smith and The Nakeds CD "Never Say Never", featuring the "Big Man" Clarence Clemons and Nils Lofgren from Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band, now available here in our store and at our live shows.
Great value with sixteen tracks of music, including original tunes written by The Nakeds, with performances and original music by Clarence Clemons and Nils Lofgren.  


1.   Didn't Know (What I Had)
2.   Uncle Sam
3.   Don't Walk Away
4.   Blue Eyes Don't
5.   Miss Your Girl
6.   The One For Me
7.   Face The Music
8.   You've Got Forever
9.   Hoochie Mama
10. Daytona Blonde
11. Sweet Cadillac
12. Dreamtime
13. Girl It's You
14. Always Hungry
15. My Pauline
16. I'm Huge (and the babes "GO WILD") 

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CD - "Never Say Never" by Steve Smith & The Nakeds

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